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bitcoin payment: 5% off for now

To encourage bitcoin payment,we offer 5% off. for ex: 5 kits is 1340$, with bitcoin, u pay 1340*95%=1273$  for more detail,click here 

50$ discount for honest review and blood test,pls check here

we have very good experience to ship to different countries with very safe ship method, T/A is 7-15 business days,it might be slightly delayed sometimes,so pls make an order 2-3 weeks in advance every time, pls be patient, don’t push us,once the package leaves, we can’t control it any more. if it’s stuck, we will reship of course. if u don’t accept,pls do not order, thanks.

1,Before order, pls check the reviews,analysis and blood tests, click here

2,About the original box.

we ship the parcel with stealth way,no original box. we guarantee each kit is original.if u don’t trust, pls don’t order.

As reseller, you need product with original BOX, you must order at least 10 kits, then u mention that u need original boxes, so we send 10 original boxes separately.

3,Payment Method:

we take Bitcoin,paypal, Bank Transfer more detail about payment, click here

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